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Digital Shopping List Template

Digital Shopping List Template

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It can be difficult to keep up with your shopping list and stay on budget when you're so busy. So, this downloadable google sheets spreadsheet was created to do just that. This easy to use spreadsheet is perfect for Shopping List, Grocery List, Shopping Checklist and Meal Planners and more! Because it's made using Google Sheets, it can be accessed using your computer, tablet or cell phone, and it can also be shared and edited by multiple people that you choose. It's easy to understand and navigate using multiple drop-down menus, check boxes, clean fonts and more! It even has budget based messages and color coded cells and text to make it even easier to quickly make decisions based on your inputs. Purchase your copy now!

You can access it with most internet browsers so it’s always at your fingertips and at no added cost.
  • It has high contrast coloring and visual cues for easy reading and quick understanding with multi-colored graphs, alternating colored rows, and auto-colored cells based on your input.  
  • It was designed with prompts and drop-down menus to minimize errors, misspellings, and graph malfunctions.
  • And the instructions are included on the spreadsheet for quick reference.
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